Phone Package & Pricing

TMLP Telephone service is reliable, hassle-free and provide over fiber. It’s time to cut the cord and reduce complexity with your existing, traditional telephone company.

Monthly Service Rates

TMLP Residential Telephone $19.95/mo*
TMLP Business Telephone Starts at 29.95/mo*
TMLP Business PBX Starts at 29.95/mo*
TMLP Business Fax $19.95/mo*

Installation/Repair/Rearrangement Charges

Services Rendered Cost

Isolate/Repair Wiring(surface mount only) $50.00/hour (1-hour minimum)
Reconnection - 1st Occurrence (service disconnected for non-payment) $35.00
Reconnection - 2nd & Subsequent (service disconnected for non-payment) $50.00 per occurrence

*Plus taxes and fees. TMLP Online internet service is required.