Please be advised that there is one (1) vacancy for the position of Marketing Specialist - ISG.  This is a management position reporting to the Supervising Engineer in the Internet Services Group.  This position carries the primary marketing, sales, and graphic design responsibility for all ISG related activities.  Salary shall be based on experience and qualifications.

Duties of the Position

  1. Function as the initial and primary contact for marketing and sales related activities and support between ISG and other business and residential entities.  This includes all activities as delineated in the Marketing and Support Specialist Position Description.

  2. Develop, implement, and maintain marketing strategies necessary for the successful delivery of products and services supported by ISG.

  3. Establish and maintain relationships with media services applicable to the dissemination of information, including but not limited to print, social media, web, video, and radio.

  4. Develop, implement, and modify as necessary marketing releases, materials in the pursuit of the marketing strategy and advertisements for ISG.  Develop and update marketing analysis and surveys as needed.

  5. Provide solicitation of new customers via approved methods including but not limited to telephone support, mailings, and in-person site visits.  Generate sales proposals and follow-up materials for prospective customers.

  6. Act as liaison for contract negotiations, including the preparation of contract documents for customer acquisition, renegotiation, and management approval.  Also act as liaison with and manage relationship with existing customers.

  7. Develop, implement, and modify ISG graphics and design concepts utilizing all applications and techniques available.  Develop, implement and maintain web, social media, and Internet based site, programs, and graphic designs required by ISG.

  8. Act as initial and primary contact with media outlets, customers, vendors, and ISG staff in the dissemination of ISG related information.  Work closely with vendors, TMLP staff and customers to resolve all ISG related issues.

  9. Participate in community organizations and events as ISG representative.

  10. Maintain familiarity and interact with all Enterprise Resource Planning modules related to ISG.

  11. Perform special projects or other duties as assigned by the Supervising Engineer.


As a minimum, candidate must have graduated from an accredited Bachelor’s Degree program in Marketing or other related field.  Additional course work in sales, business administration, graphics & design, technology studies and communications is preferred.

A minimum of five years of marketing and sales experience in the computer/Internet/telecommunications industry is required.  Work should have been progressively more responsible with frequent opportunities to show initiative in finding ways to solve related problems.  Candidate must show a consistent pattern of success in the sales/marketing of products/services in the technology market.  Candidate must have excellent oral and written communications skills.  This position takes part in a sales incentive program.  The successful candidate will be required to carry a cell phone / 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Valid Drivers License is required.

Applications, with resumes attached, are to be submitted to Kristin DiGirolamo, HR administrator.  kristindigirolamo@tmlp.com