Moving Right Along

  • Published August 8, 2018

We have been moving at a steady pace with a number of Fiber-Hoods getting close to the application phase and many Fiber-Hoods already in the application phase.

Remember, you can hover over the Fiber-Hoods with your mouse to get an up to date percentage of where your Fiber-Hood stands.

Congrats to:

Pine Street - Under Construction with an expected completion of 8/31/18

Berkley Street Center - We need about 15 more houses to sign up.

Washington East - Needs about 20 more houses to sign up.

Cedar Street - About to enter the Application Phase with four houses needed.

Thomas Rd, Bayview Central, and Berkley Street North all need 3 more houses to enter the Application Phase.

Keep your eyes peeled for our lawn signs and mailers. Help us spread the word to your neighbors!