Fiberhood Percentages

  • Published March 8, 2018

When is my fiberhood getting service!

If you hover your mouse over the fiberhoods, then you will see what phase the fiberhood is in and a percentage. The four states of a fiberhoods are:

  1. Gathering Interest - The phase in which we collect a list of customers interested in the service.
  2. Accepting Applications - The phase in which we collect sign-ups and commitments from the interested customers.
  3. Construction - The phase in which we will start to build fiber in your fiberhood!
  4. Connected - The final phase when the fiber is completely available to the entire fiberhood.


The percentages you see when you hover the mouse over your fiberhood are a way to keep you informed on the progress of each phase your fiberhood is in. During the Gathering Interest and Accepting Applications phase, that percentage is based off of approximately 25% of the total homes in your fiberhood. An example of that is if a fiberhood had a total of 100 homes and our cost to build to that area is a 25 home commitment, then the goal of 100% is based off of just the 25 homes needed and not the entire 100 homes in the fiberhood.

We hope that clears a couple of things up.

Congrats to Dana St and Washington East for entering the Accepting Applications phase! There are a few other fiberhoods close to their next phase. Keep on spreading the word and have your friends and neighbors sign up online or call us at 508-880-8657!