When will my neighborhood get fiber?

  • Published February 4, 2018

I live in a grey area. Not literally, but on your map!

When will your high speed internet come to my neighborhood. That is a very good question and one we’ve heard more and more over the past couple of years. During this time we were trying to figure out the best way to answer this question. Then our customers started to take matters into their own hands. Their thought behind that was “if I get enough people on my street to ask, then they have to say yes.” They were right. When we had a concentration of people, we found that the financial numbers worked! It’s not easy to outlay a large amount of money to build out fiber to the home at our infamously cheap rates. Our customers came up with the answer and shed some much needed light on how to go forward with our internet service.

We still haven’t answered your question. When will my neighborhood get TMLP’s high speed internet??? The answer is… it’s up to you and your neighbors and how many of you can rally together to cover the cost of us building to your neighborhood. Luckily, you don’t have to get your calculators out and figure out all the math. That’s what the fiberhood map is for. We have done all the calculations that will allow us to still give you a superior product at a superior price. The map works like this:

  1. You and everyone else on your street type in their address and fill out the form that lets us know you’re interested in our internet.
  2. Once our target number is reached, then your fiberhood will turn a nice shade of red letting you and your neighbors know that it’s time to sign up for service.
  3. Once all applications are received, the fiberhood will turn orange letting you know that we are headed out to build some fiber!
  4. After all the fiber has been built and the initial homes have been installed, then the fiberhood will turn green. This means all your other neighbors who were skeptical are free to sign up at their leisure.

Throughout all these steps you will be able to see a percentage of completion if you hover your mouse over your fiberhood.

I hope this clears up how the process works. Happy rallying your neighbors!!!!!